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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Maury Buchanan, Founder of Mission Discovery, speaks to youth pastors about how student missions helps build their students spiritual growth. You will hear about one student mission trip that was a surprise encounter for a student artist engaging with a local community. 

Maury grew up the son of a war hero who was a POW. He tells about how God lead Him to salvation in college and about how long it took to start and continue healing from the emotional pain of family conflict in his life. You will then hear how his wife, Ann, led his father to a relationship with Christ Jesus. I asked him if he had had any angel experiences and he had. He shares that experience in this episode. He tells about the life journey that led him to start Mission Discovery and the mentors that taught him how to build a short term student mission nonprofit. Maury took his 1st sabbatical 2 years ago because his board members told him to. We look at the effect of long term rest and his hike through Spain with a little help from his friends, that he did not invite on this trip. The hike began in snow and was more than a 100 miles of a 500 mile trail which carried the body of James the apostle, Jesus' brother for his burial. This was a Pilgrimage. Wow! And there is more. That is just a very small glimpse into this value packed episode.