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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Apr 24, 2024

How does an Oncologist end up on a podcast like this? Why would she take her precious time to give to us her knowledge and kindness? Great questions! 
Dr. Sarah Friend (formally Sarah Cooke) was a student in the youth ministry I was the pastor of. She gives great credit to my wonderful wife, Colleen, for disciplining...

Apr 17, 2024

Having fun with students is hard work... Gettting students to laugh along with you and/or making them smile is even harder!

Why does it matter? When you get students to laugh or smile it raises their IQ levels... no joke! According a study, it makes a person 31% smarter.  When you make someone smarter, they feel better...

Nov 22, 2023

Matt Ferguson is the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) and Head of Storymaking at Storyland Studios and PlainJoe (A Storyland Studio).

Matt is a master of encouragement and leadership. His creative and insightful nature has led him to incredible opportunities vastly beyond our time together, when he was a student in my...

Oct 25, 2023

Here is a good place to emphasis this well known fact in great businesses and great ministries… What have you GIVEN UP to go to the NEXT LEVEL? What have you said NO to before saying YES to something better?

You will find here that Emelia Hartford (Record Breaking Car Builder & Driver, Actress, and Producer) had to...