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Today's youth need youth pastors, mentors, teachers, volunteers, and most of all, they need YOU! Youth Worker On Fire is designed to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to be the best youth worker possible. Youth Worker On Fire podcast is full of valuable information from people who work with youth on a daily basis. Listen as they share their stories of mentoring and positively influencing adolescents in today's world. This is Youth Worker On Fire!
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Oct 17, 2020

The Imposter Syndrome plagues many people through out the world and through out time and history. These answers will help people get beyond their fears of being found out when in reality they are even more than they think they are in their area of expertise and experience. Others have made it through to success by doing some of these action points listed in this episode. I did not know for many years what I had been fighting all my life until someone put a label on it, The Imposter Syndrome. Now we know. Now we have no reason to hold back knowing that our feelings of this syndrome are a lie. Is facing it daily still difficult? Yes!!! But now you and I can face the once unknown enemy. Its time to succeed and be who you were meant to be. Lets get to it! Ephesians 2:10; Ephesians 3:20.

Aug 5, 2020

Just when you feel you are in a good position, good job, or anything that you have prepared well for in life... it hit's you. I don't belong here! How about when you are in a place where you're getting paid well or acknowledged, but you feel like you're an imposter and someone is going to find out you are not all they think you are. That's the imposter syndrome!

Jun 17, 2020

Isolation? Now? This problem is WORLD WIDE...this is Crazy! So...What's happening in your world and mine? What Comfort is there for us? What does God have to say about this through the ancient writings of the Old Testament and New Testament authors? That's what I will talk about here. Peace, Hope, Love. "Be Strong and Courageous..."

Jun 12, 2020
Lenita Is from Sydney, Australia and founder of Youth Biz. As a
Former school teacher, she became a youth minister, a personal coach to students, parents and other youth leaders. She’s a kick boxer, author, and has a world wide coaching and speaking business. She projects and teaches key ideas to build up students which you can watch on Instagram, Facebook and other social media groups.
Jun 10, 2020

Secrets are intriguing and draw us in. Especially when someone says to us quietly, "Do you want to hear a secret?"

The more time we spend alone with God, the more intimate our relationship with Him becomes. When we spend time with God, He knows He can trust us with His secrets and mysteries. If anyone needs to hear God’s secrets to life, it is youth pastors, youth workers and volunteers.

Jesus revealed these secrets and mysteries to his closest disciples, because He knew they would use these revelations to further the kingdom. God trusted Joseph and Daniel to interpret mysteries within dreams, because of their relationship with Him. He had a plan for
their lives and He has a specific plan for yours.

Wanna hear a secret? Listen to this episode.

Jun 8, 2020

Adventure is a byproduct of student ministry and in this interview with Chase Allen there’s no exception to that rule. From student ministry intern to veteran Youth pastor, Chase and his wife Taylor mean business. They’ve been in a cage facing sharks and praying down the tsunami in the Pacific ocean. This life is a unique adventure because God wants us to have more than we could imagine or ask for. Ephesians 3:20

Jun 5, 2020

Prayer is a conversation between you, or me, and God. This is my journey with my family and friends over the last 3 years to present. Seems like you are praying but some people are getting "Yes" answers to their prayers while your prayers seem to be getting no response. How are people getting yes answers? Mark Batterson pastor in Washington, DC who wrote the book Draw The Circle ( The 40 Day Prayer Challenge ) says his batting average in prayer is no better than yours. He just asks for more, more often. A.S.K. = "Ask...Seek...Knock..." Those are Jesus Christ's words not mine. These are my personal encounters. If you choose to listen I pray it will bring the answer you are looking for.

Jun 3, 2020

Looking at life events that brought me to a career in student ministry. How I ended up in student ministry. Looking at life events that brought me to a career in student ministry. The best things sometimes come in from your blind side. That’s what happened to me. I had a music career finally taking off and life changed.
I moved to Orlando, FL. after being hired by Youth For Christ to
help develop Campus Life programs in Central Florida. YFC has to train me over the next few years and rehear the way I think about many things in ministry and a career ministry as born.

Jun 1, 2020

Darla Huddleston has had many titles but only 1 purpose educate adolescence and parents about abstinence. While many voices say its not possible for adolescence Darla's organizations and volunteers have seen teen pregnancy statistics drop continually in the counties that her team educates. Preventative verses post active. Its better to stop problems before they start than figure out solutions after the fact. Preventative saves a lot of heartache, pain, embarrassment and money. How does one person make a difference? Heres how. 

May 29, 2020

This was recorded at Podfest 2018 where Kenn and I met for the first time. He was a Marine who guarded President Ronald Reagan, was later nearly abducted by terrorists in Brazil while a marine in the USAmerican Embassy. He became a C.I.A. agent then was married after a very unusual love story and courtship. Father of, now, 2 grown children whose dad became an assistant pastor and then a pastor to his online congregation through his Speak Life podcast show. This is a great story which will inspire you to treat every adolescent with respect because someday they may be working in the White House or with the C.I.A. You plant the seeds and watch young students become powerful mighty people off God in a Big World and making a difference for Jesus Christ and His Church. They just might grew a family of honor and service. Either way its a Great story of inspiring people for youth pastors and youth workers, volunteers to grow with and share with their youth groups and student ministry leadership groups.

May 27, 2020

While coming out of a media class room where I produce this podcast and video at a public school, I hear this voice, "Doug Edwards is that you?" I replied yes to turn around and See Breah Croak who is now married and is Breah Hooper. We reminisced and she graciously accepted to come to class the next day at her free period, she is a teacher, to record this episode. Breah has 2 adolescent children now and has taught at the school for 2 years and I had never seen her until that day. Breah's story is a great example of why longevity in a community in student ministry makes a major impact. Breah has always had a kindness about her but she has a spirit of adventure and a drivenness to make a difference in this world. You won't believe what this high schooler did in high school to change the parts of the world she could change to make the world a better place at the sacrifice of her own comfort and safety while she was in high school. To this day she and her family are making a difference. This episode will tell the detailed story of how 1 student matters to what the world becomes.

Apr 29, 2020

Jessica Hurley is from St. Augustine, Florida. She had a very bad mentor to make her loose and a Great Mentor that turned her life around radically, but it wasn't easy. It took a lot of time and years to keep Jessica believing she was worth more than she could ever believe. 

She had been arrested multiple times as a teen because of the influence of a cousin. She now has her Masters Degree and helped run AMIKids in Tampa, Florida. She is a podcaster and podcast developer for others. She was designed by family never to go to college. Her mentor stuck by her for more than 4 years and made college a reality for Jessica. 

To Youth Pastors. We talk about her encounter with the church. Jessica, a non-churched teen that felt like an alien and an outcast when she went to church with friends. It took Young Life and direct encounters from God to help her, because the church often gets in its own way when it comes to the unchurched. This episode is an incredible guide and gift on how to actually help those who have no clue but want to hear and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior if they had to someone would guide them with empathy and no judgement. 


Apr 21, 2020

Sam Collier was on the Steve Harvey Show because his twin sister asked Steve to help find their biological mother. Now a speaking pastor at North Point Church where Andy Stanley is the lead pastor in Atlanta, Ga. Sam's new book is called Find Your Voice. It is a book written for teens and young adults about influence and leadership. But there is MORE as Doug Edwards asks questions that allows Sam to talk about how "His Story and God's Story together Create a Greater Story."

Apr 15, 2020

Darryl Perry, spent 24 days in heaven. Sudden death syndrome. No rhyme or reason as to why. He died four times and was revived. His wife and children wanted him back on earth and so did God. After 24 days in a coma, against doctors beliefs, he is back and he even rides a bicycle but he's also on a mission. He's a former University of Florida Gator football fullback who blocked for his best friend Emmett Smith. Today both of their sons play football for the Florida Gators. Kevin Laczko is a former Florida Gator football player who is also a friend of mine and a friend of Darryl's. Listen as he helps Darryl tell his story as his physical trainer at Kevin's gym, Journey Fitness in Longwood, Florida. I am thankful and amazed at the story and excited to share it with you. Check out Darryl's website at

Apr 8, 2020

Nicole Keene Dean is a woman of great surprises. She came with a friend to the student ministry where I was pastor. And after about a year I get a phone call and Nicole says excitedly, "I got it! I got it!" To which I said, "Got what?" Listen and find out. Valedictorian, Honors Graduate University of Florida. Surprise, Nicole became a 2 time missionary to Amsterdam. She became a volunteer in our ministry. And the story goes MUCH Bigger! You are going to LOVE this interview! It's PACKED with VALUE FOR YOUTH PASTORS and amazing to everyone else. Listen NOW!!!

Mar 24, 2020

Mark Moore spent 10 years as a missionary in Uganda, Africa where he saw children die of SAM's (Severe Acute Malnutrition). He later returned to the USA with his family and worked in the United States Senate where he served as Legislative Fellow and Africa Specialist in the United States Senate for Senator Mary Landrieu. While at Ebenezer's Coffee House in Washington, DC, he prayed, then soon attended a meeting about R.U.T.F. Ready to Use Therapeutic Food which can cure SAM's. Mark's nonprofit, MANA Nutrition, was born to distribute R.U.T.F. Here is...the rest of the story!


Mar 19, 2020

This week Doug talks about being a dad when everyone wants your time. It can be difficult to divide your time between work and your family. Coaches deal with this especially during football, baseball or basketball season. Wives of coaches are often referred to as coach widows because they don't see their spouses much during the week due to practice and games. We need to make time to be with our spouses and children. Doug also talks about the perks when your kids get to be a part of what their dad is doing by being on the sidelines and also going on group trips. Listen to these valuable life lessons.

Mar 18, 2020

Sean Algaier was a foster child with a lot of pain. He was on the Biggest Loser TV show while being a youth pastor with his wife near Tulsa, OK. He worked as a tour manager in Nashville for Toby Mac, Rachael Lampa and several other artists. He has himself performed with a band in South Africa on a goodwill mission. He now is a minister of music at Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte, NC. My son Ryan is his sound and media guy for the church. This story will add great value to your ministry and life. He adds practical ways to make an impact and helpful change in your community.

Mar 12, 2020

Irma was the biggest hurricane in Florida, 400 miles across. It brought back a memory of our student ministry taking 55 people to volunteer after Hurricane Andrew, 7 days later. A student, Jason Mages, decided we had to do something. He said the right things to the right people and the next thing I knew, we had a caravan of motorhomes, vans and trucks heading south from Eustis, Florida for a 2 night and 3 day work adventure in a place that looked like a bomb went off and had wiped out Homestead, Florida. Now we relive that experience but on a state wide scale. No where in the state of Florida or the Caribbean Islands escaped Irma's wrath. Today I just heard that a Catholic Nun in Miami is attacking Irma's aftermath with her own chainsaw, helping citizens remove trees from their property. With friends in the destruction of Harvey and Irma just days apart, there are plenty of places for us to lead our people to physically show that we are people of The Way, The Jesus Way, that helps the hurting. Get going Youth Worker Nation! Be the Force that God uses to change your world!

Jan 16, 2020

Mike, who? on his website!  Michael Helms, was a junior in high school when we met. He was a regular student, but brilliant, laughed and joked a lot.  His dad was an international accountant and decided Michael, "Mike", needed to travel so he sent him to his company in Brazil where Mike met the love of his life, but he didn't know it yet. But, this young Brazilian lady, Silvana, knew he was the love of her life at 1st sight. Mike, makes Youth Worker On Fire sound AMAZING! He is a pro and brilliant! He and his family have sacrificed much for me, my family, this podcast and multiple ministries that I had developed over many years to reach students and families for Jesus Christ. Michael's oldest daughter Isabella, was even in the middle school ministry my last 2 years of my 29 years at Trinity Evangelical Free Church. Since Mike was in high school he has shown up every time God started a new wave of ministries through my family. I am forever grateful to you Michael for showing a servant's heart even when it came at a high price. Thank you Silvana, Isabella and Gabriella for loaning him to me to change our world with a piece of, "on earth as it is in heaven."  I LOVE your story in this podcast of international love, pain, joy, brilliance, fearlessness and sacrifice. I am glad untold numbers of people will have a little glimpse into the man of God you are and all you have accomplished with your family.  It's about time!

Sep 9, 2019

If you are working or volunteering with the public school system it does you good to know people who are at the top and who have been through as many things as you can experience with students and families. Bill Miller is the guy you want to talk to. He's the Assistant Superintendent to Lake County Schools in Florida. He is a dad and a husband. Bill has been a coach and baseball player and grew up in a pastors home in Pennsylvania. He loves the music of Bruce Springsteen, "The Boss!" He was a great principal from the middle school to the high school level and always brought his "A" Game. He was a personal friend to me as I would visit his campuses and would welcome me at all times. He was user-friendly to parents, teachers, coaches, students, community and faith based organizations.

Aug 27, 2019

Coaches Rich and Betsy Billings are inspiring people each accomplished in their fields. Rich was the youngest varsity baseball head coach hired in the nation. Coached at LSCC, FAU, Leesburg High School, and now at LSSC. He met the love of his life, Betsy, at FAU where she was an Athletic Trainer. Betsy, a graduate of Troy State U., interned at Mercer U. There they had incredible things to say about her as an athletic trainer and a person and she is now Athletic Trainer at LSSC. They volunteer together as FCA Huddle Coaches at LSSC. During the pursuit of their relationship at FAU, Rich found a way to see Betsy personally on a daily basis as a coach until they went on their 1st date and the rest is history. Youth Worker Nation, you are going to love their story.

Aug 26, 2019

The lady I'm about to talk to is known to her friends and hometown as Amanda Hitchcock. To her husband Larry she is Amanda Stephens. To her children, she is mom. To her twin sister Valerie and baby sister Vickie, she's Amanda, to her parents she is their daughter. But in the eyes of many who she has encountered at FSU and to the Greek sororities of UCF, she is known as their mentor. She is known as the person who showed them the Way. My wife Colleen and I have worked with many incredible young ladies who we watched grow up from middle school to high school to college and into their adult years but Amanda, really I didn't see coming. She seems to have had it all together almost all of her life. Amanda was Salutatorian at Umatilla High School but it was in college, when I found her fallen on the ski slope during our college retreat to Colorado, sitting in the snow, was when our journey of understanding each other began. From there I got to watch a diamond being formed from a distance for years to come. This is a heartwarming and fun filled interview with Amanda Hitchcock Stephens. You're gonna love it, and the value, Wow! You are going to want to write some of this down.

Aug 7, 2019

Part 2

Dr. Jay Strack talks about living in 6 foster homes growing up. He is the creator and CEO of SLU, Student Leader University, Rock The Universe at Universal Studios and Youth Pastor Summit. He has spoken to over 10 million high school students in school assemblies. He is about to make his hundredth trip to Israel. Jay has also started a virtual school in China. Jay shares his heart for helping young people and training the leaders of tomorrow.

Aug 6, 2019

Dr. Jay Strack talks about living in 6 foster homes growing up. He is the creator and CEO of SLU, Student Leader University, Rock The Universe at Universal Studios and Youth Pastor Summit. He has spoken to over 10 million high school students in school assemblies. He is about to make his hundredth trip to Israel. Jay has also started a virtual school in China. Jay shares his heart for helping young people and training the leaders of tomorrow.

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