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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

The 10,000 hour rule (as written by Malcolm Gladwell) is not quite enough to become an expert. There are “4 things it takes to be an expert”, according to a YouTube personality.


EXAMPLE: A tennis player must have immediate feedback to become great or good.

NOTE: Be weary of...

Nov 22, 2023

Matt Ferguson is the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) and Head of Storymaking at Storyland Studios and PlainJoe (A Storyland Studio).

Matt is a master of encouragement and leadership. His creative and insightful nature has led him to incredible opportunities vastly beyond our time together, when he was a student in my...

Nov 15, 2023

Environments your students, parents and volunteer staff drive into, walk into, and engage others with… It sets the mood and the tone for learning and caring. All student Ministries are not made or created equal. All students are not made for all student ministries. Both students and student ministries have their own...

Nov 8, 2023

How is Different good? It’s good because God has made us very unique and individual since before birth, according to Psalm 139.

People as a whole (or in groups) don't usually like “Different”, because conformity is easier to understand. Conformity is predictable and doesn't cause surprises. Difference-makers...

Nov 1, 2023

“Be slow to speak…” James 1:9

Recently, I sent a video to a church event out of state.  No not the one I served locally. They asked me to speak and I asked if I could send a video if I could not show up. They said yes so I did.

I found out the new pastor decided not to use it, because it was too long. However, it...