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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

Lenita Abouchabake is from Sydney, Australia and the Founder of Teen Coach Academy. This is her second interview on the Youth Worker On Fire Podcast.

Lenita's business is helping adults who already serve teenagers and their families become teen life coaches. That may seem odd to some of you, but life coaching has been around for quite a while... and this is even better! Youth workers need to make a living and they are seldom paid what they are worth. In fact, they are well undervalued in churches who should be pouring the bulk of their resources into their Youth & Family Pastors, students, and their families.
Why? Because we say that students are our future, but what many unfortunately mean by this is students are our future... as long as it doesn't cost us too much.
If we were to pay workers what they are worth and build a budget to support these future leaders, then we would see frequent worldwide changes in our society. Instead, with the exception of a small percentage of churches and schools worldwide, we "Hope" they will become world changers, but we are not willing to put money and action to that statement of importance. 
Lenita, on the other hand is willing to put her reputation, resources, and giftedness on the line. She believes youth workers, students and their parents are worth the effort and sacrifice. In this episode, Lenita will guide you how you can support yourself, so that you can afford to make a good living while serving the teens and families that you know are ready to change their world. Lenita's company (Teen Coach Academy) trains great leaders to grow up great leaders. Why? Because Lenita was a teen of a single mom who paid coaches to help her become the great woman of God, a world changing leader, and the successful business owner that she has become. 
Thank you for sharing Lenita (all the way from The Land Down Under) to the rest of the world!
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