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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Apr 24, 2024

How does an Oncologist end up on a podcast like this? Why would she take her precious time to give to us her knowledge and kindness? Great questions! 
Dr. Sarah Friend (formally Sarah Cooke) was a student in the youth ministry I was the pastor of. She gives great credit to my wonderful wife, Colleen, for disciplining...

Apr 17, 2024

Having fun with students is hard work... Gettting students to laugh along with you and/or making them smile is even harder!

Why does it matter? When you get students to laugh or smile it raises their IQ levels... no joke! According a study, it makes a person 31% smarter.  When you make someone smarter, they feel better...

Apr 10, 2024

Organizations and churches want to save money, so they try to hire people for one thing and put too many hats on them... that way they don’t have to spend more on staff. As a result, they complain about everything, because you are doing "little to nothing" well.

That responsibility lies on those who hire without the...

Apr 3, 2024

Breaking Strong Holds… Maybe you have been praying for someone or for a certain person to have an encounter with God. An encounter life changing that it would have them seeking to ask Jesus Christ personally in their heart. Has it maybe seemed like it’s taking forever? Not even a sign of hope?

Jim Halstead (Founder...