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Today's youth need youth pastors, mentors, teachers, volunteers, and most of all, they need YOU! Youth Worker On Fire is designed to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to be the best youth worker possible. Youth Worker On Fire podcast is full of valuable information from people who work with youth on a daily basis. Listen as they share their stories of mentoring and positively influencing adolescents in today's world. This is Youth Worker On Fire!
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Jun 17, 2020

Isolation? Now? This problem is WORLD WIDE...this is Crazy! So...What's happening in your world and mine? What Comfort is there for us? What does God have to say about this through the ancient writings of the Old Testament and New Testament authors? That's what I will talk about here. Peace, Hope, Love. "Be Strong and Courageous..."

Jun 15, 2020

Rachel unknowingly launched a life long non-profit business (GlamourGals)as a junior in high school. She is an NYC resident, a mom of 2 young children, and wife. She and her husband navigate life in the city together. She has almost 1,500 volunteers in 18 states. This our 2nd interview, but we are releasing this one 1st.

Is it possible that you might see the Super Hero in her that I see? Find out and maybe let her know as well! GlamourGals SUPER G.R.D. with D.E.

Jun 12, 2020
Lenita Is from Sydney, Australia and founder of Youth Biz. As a
Former school teacher, she became a youth minister, a personal coach to students, parents and other youth leaders. She’s a kick boxer, author, and has a world wide coaching and speaking business. She projects and teaches key ideas to build up students which you can watch on Instagram, Facebook and other social media groups.
Jun 10, 2020

Secrets are intriguing and draw us in. Especially when someone says to us quietly, "Do you want to hear a secret?"

The more time we spend alone with God, the more intimate our relationship with Him becomes. When we spend time with God, He knows He can trust us with His secrets and mysteries. If anyone needs to hear God’s secrets to life, it is youth pastors, youth workers and volunteers.

Jesus revealed these secrets and mysteries to his closest disciples, because He knew they would use these revelations to further the kingdom. God trusted Joseph and Daniel to interpret mysteries within dreams, because of their relationship with Him. He had a plan for
their lives and He has a specific plan for yours.

Wanna hear a secret? Listen to this episode.

Jun 8, 2020

Adventure is a byproduct of student ministry and in this interview with Chase Allen there’s no exception to that rule. From student ministry intern to veteran Youth pastor, Chase and his wife Taylor mean business. They’ve been in a cage facing sharks and praying down the tsunami in the Pacific ocean. This life is a unique adventure because God wants us to have more than we could imagine or ask for. Ephesians 3:20

Jun 5, 2020

Prayer is a conversation between you, or me, and God. This is my journey with my family and friends over the last 3 years to present. Seems like you are praying but some people are getting "Yes" answers to their prayers while your prayers seem to be getting no response. How are people getting yes answers? Mark Batterson pastor in Washington, DC who wrote the book Draw The Circle ( The 40 Day Prayer Challenge ) says his batting average in prayer is no better than yours. He just asks for more, more often. A.S.K. = "Ask...Seek...Knock..." Those are Jesus Christ's words not mine. These are my personal encounters. If you choose to listen I pray it will bring the answer you are looking for.

Jun 3, 2020

Looking at life events that brought me to a career in student ministry.

Jun 1, 2020

Darla Huddleston has had many titles but only 1 purpose educate adolescence and parents about abstinence. While many voices say its not possible for adolescence Darla's organizations and volunteers have seen teen pregnancy statistics drop continually in the counties that her team educates. Preventative verses post active. Its better to stop problems before they start than figure out solutions after the fact. Preventative saves a lot of heartache, pain, embarrassment and money. How does one person make a difference? Heres how.