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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Jan 31, 2024

YOU MATTER… Everything You Do Counts… Everyone You Meet Is Important!

You were bought with a price [you were actually purchased with the precious blood of Jesus and made His own]. So then, honor and glorify God with your body. - 1 Corinthians 6:20 (Amplified Bible)

For we are His workmanship [His own master work, a...

Jan 24, 2024

In this episode, we interview Chase Allen (Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church Umatilla) about his month long sabbatical in 2023.

Here are some of the questions we discuss:

1. How long have you been in student ministry and how long have you been at this Church?

2. Who decided you needed a sabbatical?

3. Did you think...

Jan 17, 2024

Better to have little, with fear for the LORD, than to have great treasure and inner turmoil. (Proverbs 15:16)

Ed Sheeran (Songwriter/Artist) - “Writing music is like turning on a faucet. At first you get muddy water. The more you run it, the clearer the water gets. The same thing happens when writing music. At first...

Jan 10, 2024

God has a plan for you and your team!

Moses had a lot of energy when he was in Egypt and thought he knew everything. However, he found that his energy alone and his willingness to lead got him into trouble. It took God about 40 years to get Moses in the mindset to where he actually could lead with humility.

In this...

Jan 3, 2024

Happy New Year! God has a plan for your life.

I always knew I was meant for something good since I was very young… around 5th grade to be exact. But it was seldom easy. At age 15, I had a God encounter that would send me on the journey I saw in a daydream when I was 10 years old. That journey has never ended. God...