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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Oct 11, 2023

Mike Wolfe from the TV show American Pickers says, “It’s the smalls that keep us in business.

These guys go after big items like, high six figure vintage cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They restore historic buildings. They shop through out the USA to fill their stores in Iowa and Nashville. But the things that keep them going are the small items that can be sold to anyone. Those individual valuable items they buy with certain people in mind.

The church is the same way. It’s those one-on-one times with individuals that change the trajectory of your community and the world. It’s the smalls that keeps your student ministry in business too!

The “face to face asks” have been the most impactful, long term effective moments in all of my ministry life. The big events, trips, camps, adventures, and big meetings where we had everyone we could invite show up were incredibly important. But…the after meetings of small groups, asking a student or parent, or someone who is wanting to know more, the question… “Would you like to have a personal relationship with Jesus?” or “What’s happening in your life?”… “Is there something I can pray for you about?”

Those smalls! That’s what keeps us alive. That’s what fuels a movement, a mission… not just a program or something that won’t last.


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