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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Mar 8, 2023

Be more transparent and less dramatic, so that God has room to be God. That way everyone knows when He changes people and there is no doubt that it was Him!

Teenagers and young adults are always looking for what is real and though they may not have the discernment or wisdom, they seem to know intuitively when someone is not being true to themselves. As I have watched the stories going on right now, Jesus’s spirit is moving in big ways at Universities and in the entertainment industry just to name a few examples. I have noticed that the people He is using are not extremely great speakers nor are they impressive. They seem to be very normal people. The same type of people He used all through the bible and throughout history… and now!

God wants to use you in a big way to unleash His power so that He can empower young people to change this world right now. While they are still young and continuing throughout their adult life. Is this task too much for you?


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Hosted by: Doug Edwards

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