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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Mar 1, 2023

Larry Stephens is a name you are not going to hear unless you are in certain circles. He is a Director at I AM SECOND and CRU's (Campus Crusade for Christ International) representative to Hollywood. Larry has had influence in over 30+ motion pictures and counting, as well as, a new footprint in the Esports gaming world!

In this interview we will talk about...


- The current ministry impact and future of video animation and gaming.

- A sneak peak into a full length motion picture animation film that no one is supposed to know about yet. (The biggest budget faith based film of its type ever!)

- The “Jesus Revolution” movie. (Now available as of February 2023.)

- A global initiative paving the way to reach every "people group" in the world for Christ, with assistance of new technology.

- The challenges in raising 4 children along with his wife, while traveling all over the world.

… and much more!


I got to know Larry because of Amanda (his now wife) who was one of the students in the student ministry that my wife Colleen and I worked with and had the privilege of watching her and her sisters grow in their faith. In Amanda’s journey, she went into a ministry called “CRU”, where she was a colleague with Larry for a few years until they fell in love. Once they were married, I got to know Larry much closer.

I came to know Larry as an unassuming powerhouse who made world events happen by putting great people in the best places, training students to become leaders for The Kingdom of God, and turning leaders into world changers… literally world changers! All while being a part of an initiative that can now be found on every major college campus in the United States of America.


You can directly connect with Larry at the links below:



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