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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

Sydney to Melbourne, Australia is no little jog. 543.7 Miles according to this ultramarathon endurance race. So how do you prepare for a challenge like this? According to Cliff Young, who showed up in his overalls and boots, you spend a lifetime herding 2,000 sheep on 2,000 acres of farmland by foot for 3 days at a stretch without sleep when the storms would roll in. They were intrigued and laughing at Cliff until the end of the race. But, how did this first time racer compete with these professional runners and change the way the race was run?

This episode is all about the fragile ECOSYSTEM between students and student ministry.

How can you keep the balance of life from failing or dying in your student ministry? How can you keep yourself and your family alive, while thriving in such a fragile environment? We dive deep into these questions and much more (Chapter 6 in my book, “BURN UP NOT OUT”.) in this episode!

You can read “Burn Up Not Out: A Student Ministry Fire Builder’s Guidebook” here:

This is a great reminder that as the new year approaches, that GOD IS BIGGER than the challenges you and I will face day to day… and sometimes moment to moment! Nothing is impossible. God is chasing after you...but even MORE amazing things happen when WE chase after God.




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Hosted by: Doug Edwards

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