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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

May 27, 2020

While coming out of a media class room where I produce this podcast and video at a public school, I hear this voice, "Doug Edwards is that you?" I replied yes to turn around and See Breah Croak who is now married and is Breah Hooper. We reminisced and she graciously accepted to come to class the next day at her free period, she is a teacher, to record this episode. Breah has 2 adolescent children now and has taught at the school for 2 years and I had never seen her until that day. Breah's story is a great example of why longevity in a community in student ministry makes a major impact. Breah has always had a kindness about her but she has a spirit of adventure and a drivenness to make a difference in this world. You won't believe what this high schooler did in high school to change the parts of the world she could change to make the world a better place at the sacrifice of her own comfort and safety while she was in high school. To this day she and her family are making a difference. This episode will tell the detailed story of how 1 student matters to what the world becomes.