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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

I met Clean Ears Podcast Co-Hosts Simone Brown and Seretha Collins at Podfest 2018 Orlando, Florida along with their Program Director Courtney Pledger. They were gracious enough to give me an hour of their busy schedule at this incredible conference to tell me their story. one of them was born and still lives in Atlanta. One grew up in California with a few years in OKC, Oklahoma on her way to a life in Atlanta. One of them grew up in Jamaica before her move to Atlanta and was in a music carrier before developing together the Clean Ears Podcast in Atlanta. They call themselves The Collective. Their Editor who I have not personally met is Darryl and their Co-Editor is LeighAnn. 

In this episode we talk about the affects of their adolescence on their future, their spiritual growth, student ministry, music ministry, why they do what they do, how they find all of these known and unknown Christian Hip Hop and Rap Artist, such as Lecrae. We have a lot of fun. we laugh a lot and we talk about food. Yes food. Jesus did a lot of meeting around food and did some miracles with food as well so we thought it was appropriate. Atlanta not only has Southern Cooking but they have food from all over the world and the best locations to get a taste of it in a few close locations to each other. I hope you check out  Clean Ears The Collective and enjoy it as much as I did. They are great people. Youth Pastor, if you are looking for knowledge of Atlanta and need a well informed Christian connection then give this crew a call or email them, connection through social media. Enjoy this episode.