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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Jan 10, 2024

God has a plan for you and your team!

Moses had a lot of energy when he was in Egypt and thought he knew everything. However, he found that his energy alone and his willingness to lead got him into trouble. It took God about 40 years to get Moses in the mindset to where he actually could lead with humility.

In this episode, you will learn about the four major excuses Moses used with God, thinking that would get him out of leading. God led us all from somewhere to ministry and I bet you possibly had one, if not all, of Moses same excuses… I know I did! 

God always has a better plan for your life. He also has appointed a team of volunteers and employees to make things possible to build His kingdom through student ministry and through our student’s families. God is interested in your humility and your willingness to follow him even when it scares you to your knees.

Ironically, his way is a lot more fun than your way! I would’ve been a pretty boring person even with the exciting life that I had planned for myself compared to the life God pushed me, coached me, and drove me into. The ride has been wild and exciting and full of emotion… I have never laughed so much in my life.

Keep looking for the right team members, because God has already prepared them for you!


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