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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

Jim Halstead started Go and Tell Ministries after working with students and discipling them for many years. Jim is a man who started life without a clue about who God is. A young man who did not grow up going to church.

When I first met Jim, I had been 5 years into a student ministry that would end up being my longest term student ministry position. We would meet together with youth pastors and volunteers as a district in ministry department for the southeast and helped to create one of three locations for Challenge 90 Evangelical Free Church of America.

I found out just recently that Jim would pray specifically for our student ministry and family for many years, while he was located in Jacksonville, Florida and I was in Central Florida. Jim has discipled so many students that are now adults, supporting him to help other workers do the same thing.

Go and Tell Ministries: Jim has a story that will inspire you to see far beyond the next few weeks and months into your student ministry. Maybe even a glimpse far into your future and what staying around and investing more will look like on the other end of your life.

Learn to Delight in God, declare the gospel and disciple others to fulfill the great commission.

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Hosted by: Doug Edwards

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