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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

If I had known about these certain key word changes in the beginning of my ministry, many of the conflicts I experienced would have had a much different outcome!

Negotiate… seems like such a mean spirited word. Many people avoid it at any cost and for good reason. It used to mean that you could argue better than someone else or at least until you could wear them down enough to give you what you wanted. People who argue well are people many of us avoid, because they usually win. They leave those of us who do not like negotiating feeling like losers. We tend to see them as heartless thieves who steal our hopes and dreams.

What if I told you the word “Negotiate” has become word of kindness, that with a couple of changes in your vocabulary, would make people want to hear your needs and dreams? What if people actually started listening to your thoughts and desires? Then with a simple word change…  make them want to give you the things you need and desire.

Instead of using the word “WHY” (which is a fighting word), use the word “HOW”!

This will allow others to think of you and want to hear you more clearly. Matthew 10:16 - Jesus instructs his disciples to be “..wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.” This episode is designed to give you the tools of wisdom and build you up to be a person that others want to help win in your ministry and life. The best form of negotiation is one that defuses mistrust and fear of lose.

So...HOW can I help you?



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