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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Jan 9, 2019

This was recorded at Podfest 2018 where Kenn and I met for the first time. He was a Marine who guarded President Ronald Reagan, was later nearly abducted by terrorists in Brazil while a marine in the USAmerican Embassy. He became a C.I.A. agent then was married after a very unusual love story and courtship. Father of, now, 2 grown children whose dad became an assistant pastor and then a pastor to his online congregation through his Speak Life podcast show. This is a great story which will inspire you to treat every adolescent with respect because someday they may be working in the White House or with the C.I.A. You plant the seeds and watch young students become powerful mighty people off God in a Big World and making a difference for Jesus Christ and His Church. They just might grew a family of honor and service. Either way its a Great story of inspiring people for youth pastors and youth workers, volunteers to grow with and share with their youth groups and student ministry leadership groups.