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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Jun 5, 2024

There’s an old saying that still stands true, “Facts tell and STORIES SELL.”

Jesus often told stories, some as parables, to illustrate the truth of God. There was no written Bible for many years after Jesus died and rose from the dead. It was the stories by word-of-mouth and the reading of the Old Testament, Jewish scriptures, and letters of the apostles, which were not highly distributed amongst the people. They would recite them or tell others about those letters from memory. In the first 70 years, there were witnesses to the events. Their stories changed the world!

The stories that are developing in student ministry matter. It’s important that you tell stories and let your students share their stories with the people who support you. The stories of your students and their families will transform your churches and communities.

Don’t under estimate the power of a truly great (and honest) story!


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