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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Nov 30, 2022

By the time you hear this…Thanksgiving for this year has passed. Now, we are on our way to Christmas and the New Year!

Christmas is about new beginnings. Jesus was a new beginning in time and space that God had planned a long time before Christmas on Earth ever happened. 

It’s also about doing the right thing, not the safe thing. And I am not talking about making things dangerous for you, your staff, and students. Safety is a priority. “Not safe” meaning… by challenging their comfort zones in letting God in to change their lives. That’s scary enough on its own!

In this episode, I reminisce on my craziest Christmas memory as a teen (Christmas Fireball), my best Christmas memories, and much more! We also dive into many tips for your ministry during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays and let’s get things started!





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Hosted by: Doug Edwards

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Edited by: Ryan James Edwards at Secret Roots Music House

Recorded by: Doug Edwards

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