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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Nov 9, 2022

Being ON MISSION is not as romantic as it sounds. In fact, a lot of the time its just plain lonely and sometimes worse!

"Believe in the Mission" is what one of Tim Tebow's shirts says.

Beth Moore, in her address to over 70,000 College age students at the Passion Conference in 2017, stated, “All of you will be affected by the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this conference, but some of you will be Infected. It will turn you upside down from what you thought would make you happy. You are going to want to lock it down and give it a definition. At least that way people will not think that you are out of your ever loving mind!”

Enjoy this episode and stay On Mission!




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Hosted by: Doug Edwards

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Edited by: Ryan James Edwards at Secret Roots Music House

Recorded by: Doug Edwards

Graphics by: Ryan James Edwards