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Today's youth need youth pastors, mentors, teachers, volunteers, and most of all, they need YOU! Youth Worker On Fire is designed to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to be the best youth worker possible. Youth Worker On Fire podcast is full of valuable information from people who work with youth on a daily basis. Listen as they share their stories of mentoring and positively influencing adolescents in today's world. This is Youth Worker On Fire!
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Oct 1, 2019

Larry Stephens is a FORCE to follow and learn from in the area of college students. He is the CRU trainer, facilitator, fundraiser, motivator for thousands of leaders both volunteer and full time on 1,600 universities and colleges. He is a mentor to professional athletes, keynote speakers and around the world projects for CRU students. We will talk virtual film making and what it's like to be a husband to a wife who has impacted the Greek world on several campuses and the dad of 3 young boys (2 are twins) and a beautiful little girl. He looks calm and collected but there is a driving force behind that "together" persona that says, "World Changers Line Up Behind Me! Now Dive, Jump, Run...whatever it takes!" THIS IS VALUE PACKED! But you've got to listen to this soft spoken hurricane! A Texas boy now an Orlando, Florida man!

Sep 27, 2019

Inspiring Principal Nancy Velez is an A+ high school principal. She grew up hearing graduation as a child because she was so close to the school and loved it. She is passionate for students and families and it shows. Listen to her inspiring story.

Sep 26, 2019

Though his life seemed tragic as a middle schooler, Clark Blake's football coach gave him hope in the face of tragedy. Listen to this Marine Corp veteran, teacher, coach, dad, grandad and husband explain the life events that molded him as he gives his last recorded talk as a guest speaker for FCA at 6:30AM December 2013. This is the same high school he taught, coached, and mentored many students and adults for over 30 years. He is still speaking into lives a decade after his retirement because people ask him to. 1 man, 1 life, 1 city. And yet people tell his story around the world.

Sep 17, 2019

Adventure is a byproduct of student ministry and in this interview with Chase Allen there’s no exception to that rule. From student ministry intern to veteran Youth pastor, Chase and his wife Taylor mean business. They’ve been in a cage facing sharks and praying down the tsunami in the Pacific ocean. This life is a unique adventure because God wants us to have more than we could imagine or ask for. Ephesians 3:20

Sep 11, 2019

Part two of Leslie Shamrock Campione is so full of leadership and servitude that it's a must listen.  We will cover student groups at 6:30AM, student, staff and volunteer leadership.  And hold on to the end... Leslie will talk about an epidemic of high school seniors bound for homelessness and how to help stop this tragic occurrence.

Sep 10, 2019

Leslie made an impact on her high school by meeting with the coach and influencing over 200 other students to meet at 6:30 in the morning once a week on a school day. Leslie Shamrock Campione is a mom of two, a lawyer and county commissioner. She's a person of influence but also a person who's been positively impacted by a coach in high school. Listen to the great value in her story.

Sep 9, 2019

If you are working or volunteering with the public school system it does you good to know people who are at the top and who have been through as many things as you can experience with students and families. Bill Miller is the guy you want to talk to. He's the Assistant Superintendent to Lake County Schools in Florida. He is a dad and a husband. Bill has been a coach and baseball player and grew up in a pastors home in Pennsylvania. He loves the music of Bruce Springsteen, "The Boss!" He was a great principal from the middle school to the high school level and always brought his "A" Game. He was a personal friend to me as I would visit his campuses and would welcome me at all times. He was user-friendly to parents, teachers, coaches, students, community and faith based organizations.

Sep 8, 2019

Looking at life events that brought me to a career in student ministry.

Sep 3, 2019

So how many people did you know that their dad was college roommates and football teammates with Bear Bryant the famous Alabama "Bama" University football coach. Well, that would be our guest, Fred Rohrdanz. He was football QB at Middle Tennessee State. Met his future wife Suan there. Fred has headed up a Bible Study for men for many years which is larger than most churches on the East Coast of the USA. He has volunteered in student ministry. He has raised 2 sons and a daughter who have now made him a granddad. His connections to the college and pro sports world is far reaching and a great sales and marketing professional. Who is this super hero? Well, he's just a Bama boy who raised his family in Eustis, Florida right outside of Orlando. He considers himself to be just a normal small town guy. His friends and family know different. He is a world vision leader who leads and teaches from where ever he stands because that's his DNA. The ultimate Southern Gentleman just like his father raised him to be. Listen up friends! There is great value here layer, after layer, after layer.

Sep 2, 2019

Megan Crouch is a YPK. In other words, the youth pastor's kid. She is the middle of three children and she's the only girl. Megan was a great college athlete in basketball. She is now athletic trainer for Umatilla High School and is also the FCA huddle coach on campus. Megan has some great value and experiences to note especially for those who are YPKs or students who grew up with their parents in ministry, teaching or coaching. We're all in a glass bubble if we're helping people and people are watching and critiquing us whether we like it or not. Find out how Megan copes and how she still excels today.

Aug 27, 2019

Coaches Rich and Betsy Billings are inspiring people each accomplished in their fields. Rich was the youngest varsity baseball head coach hired in the nation. Coached at LSCC, FAU, Leesburg High School, and now at LSSC. He met the love of his life, Betsy, at FAU where she was an Athletic Trainer. Betsy, a graduate of Troy State U., interned at Mercer U. There they had incredible things to say about her as an athletic trainer and a person and she is now Athletic Trainer at LSSC. They volunteer together as FCA Huddle Coaches at LSSC. During the pursuit of their relationship at FAU, Rich found a way to see Betsy personally on a daily basis as a coach until they went on their 1st date and the rest is history. Youth Worker Nation, you are going to love their story.

Aug 26, 2019

The lady I'm about to talk to is known to her friends and hometown as Amanda Hitchcock. To her husband Larry she is Amanda Stephens. To her children, she is mom. To her twin sister Valerie and baby sister Vickie, she's Amanda, to her parents she is their daughter. But in the eyes of many who she has encountered at FSU and to the Greek sororities of UCF, she is known as their mentor. She is known as the person who showed them the Way. My wife Colleen and I have worked with many incredible young ladies who we watched grow up from middle school to high school to college and into their adult years but Amanda, really I didn't see coming. She seems to have had it all together almost all of her life. Amanda was Salutatorian at Umatilla High School but it was in college, when I found her fallen on the ski slope during our college retreat to Colorado, sitting in the snow, was when our journey of understanding each other began. From there I got to watch a diamond being formed from a distance for years to come. This is a heartwarming and fun filled interview with Amanda Hitchcock Stephens. You're gonna love it, and the value, Wow! You are going to want to write some of this down.

Aug 18, 2019

Prayer is a conversation between you, or me, and God. This is my journey with my family and friends over the last 3 years to present. Seems like you are praying but some people are getting "Yes" answers to their prayers while your prayers seem to be getting no response. How are people getting yes answers? Mark Batterson pastor in Washington, DC who wrote the book Draw The Circle ( The 40 Day Prayer Challenge ) says his batting average in prayer is no better than yours. He just asks for more, more often. A.S.K. = "Ask...Seek...Knock..." Those are Jesus Christ's words not mine. These are my personal encounters. If you choose to listen I pray it will bring the answer you are looking for.

Aug 15, 2019

Michael Geoffrion is an AP History teacher who was voted Teacher of the Year in 2016 at Eustis High School.  He talks with Doug about his love for history and the importance of working your passion. If you work your passion, you'll never work a day in your life. Michael also has a podcast called Mr. Geoffrion's World History Podcast.  It's designed to be a brief and informative podcast for history students at all levels, from high school to college. Mr. Geoffrion can also be found at

Aug 14, 2019

Dr. Gordon Greenhalgh has been a good friend for many years. We started Campus Life and Youth Guidance for YFC when we were in our 20s. He's a surfer. I witnessed him surfing with whales in California. He was a high school wrestler and more. Gordon is a licensed psychotherapist, has been in practice over 25 years counseling individuals, couples and families. He has a Master's Degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and a Ph.D. in Psychology. He talks about the importance of youth workers and volunteers taking care of themselves, both mentally and physically, so you can better care for others. Dr. Gordon is a father and a husband. He's the homerun hitter that I send families to when they have real problems with their adolescents and young adults. I've seen him change the lives of inner-city students in Orlando, FL as a Youth Guidance Director/YFC. Outside he looks like a calm cool individual but inside he is full of fire to help those who are hurting. Get his books and go online to questions. He's the real deal.


Aug 7, 2019

Part 2

Dr. Jay Strack talks about living in 6 foster homes growing up. He is the creator and CEO of SLU, Student Leader University, Rock The Universe at Universal Studios and Youth Pastor Summit. He has spoken to over 10 million high school students in school assemblies. He is about to make his hundredth trip to Israel. Jay has also started a virtual school in China. Jay shares his heart for helping young people and training the leaders of tomorrow.

Aug 6, 2019

Dr. Jay Strack talks about living in 6 foster homes growing up. He is the creator and CEO of SLU, Student Leader University, Rock The Universe at Universal Studios and Youth Pastor Summit. He has spoken to over 10 million high school students in school assemblies. He is about to make his hundredth trip to Israel. Jay has also started a virtual school in China. Jay shares his heart for helping young people and training the leaders of tomorrow.

Aug 5, 2019

John is an entrepreneur owning his own business developing software for the real estate industry and working from home. He graduated from Duke University with a degree in Public Policy Studies. He is a husband, a dad and his parents were educators. He is well respected in his home town and in business. He and his wife Heather are very family focused and committed to homeschooling their children. A lot of great value from a great man on this episode.

Aug 1, 2019

It Destroys Dreams. Perfection is not obtainable but Excellence is according to many authors of blogs, articles and books. Until someone tells you you probably won't believe it and then most of us are in denial and have excuses as to why we are proud to be a perfectionist. It takes a Team to be excellent. That is the Maker of Dreams come true...TEAM. Philippians 3:13 NLT "No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on...Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead," Paul the Apostle

Jul 30, 2019

Matt Ferguson, managing partner at Eric Mower & Associates, shares his story about growing up in a small town, playing football at Florida State University and his relationship with Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Lori, have 5 children.

Jul 29, 2019

Mike Matulia, Athletic Director for Lake-Sumter State College, shares his life experience as a father, baseball coach and the importance of being a volunteer in your community.  

May 22, 2019

Mark McCoy has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and is a personal training certification instructor and instructor for the United Trainers Association. He is also head of Tomorrow's Champion - Giving you the tools you need to gain back control over your health and propel your fitness to the next level.  Mark shares about the influences in his life and the Four F's - Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance.


May 20, 2019

Don LevoniusDon Levonius is principal consultant at Victory Performance Consulting. His company provides training in the areas of employee and company morale, performance, ethics and leadership.  Don shares with us his background in training employees and management at the Walt Disney Company. He also encourages everyone, whether you love your job or not, to have their "own thing" on the side. Whether it's tutoring, multi-level marketing or just a part time thing, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

May 16, 2019

Kevin is a personal trainer and former SEC football player, husband, father and home schooler. He and his wife, Debbie, started Journey Fitness in Longwood, Florida. Growing up, his family moved around the country many times and he ultimately found stability in sports. A number of coaches had a positive impact on his life.

May 15, 2019

Megan Hinton was a high school senior at the time of this interview and is now a freshman in college.  Megan was considered one of the best students in her media production class and someone to be sought after by businesses.

She is highly respected by her former media production teacher, Mr. Mike Ligler. Megan has a bright future ahead of her in the area of filming, editing and a great work ethic.

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